UJF-7151 plusII

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Amazing quality, Blazing speed, Uncompromising Versatility.
Announcement of "UJF-7151 plusII",
a high-performance flatbed UV inkjet printer

- Pursuing new expressions with the new “Color Gloss” function in addition to the high-definition printing of capability of up to 1800dpi -

UJF-7151 plusⅡ | High-performance flatbed UV inkjet printer

Nagano, Japan, September 7, 2021

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tomi-shi, Nagano, President: Kazuaki Ikeda), specializing in industrial inkjet printers, cutting plotters and 3D printers, announces a new flatbed UV inkjet printer, the “UJF-7151 plusII” and the sales of this new products is scheduled to start in the winter of 2021.

The UJF-7151 plusII offers new expression with the color gloss function, high-definition printing at 1800 dpi, and the ability to automate workpiece transport with “Mimaki original MDL (Mimaki Device Language) commands*1”. The UJF-7151 plusII is a high-performance UV inkjet printer model with high accuracy, high image quality, and high speed, and is a further improvement in quality and stability from the current model, the UJF-7151 plus, which offered high accuracy and high image quality in addition to class-leading productivity and stability.

UJF-7151 plusII incorporates eight printheads, increasing the number of heads by two from the previous six-headed model, enabling configuration of the eight heads to suit any application. Four-color configuration printers are provided with four-color double-set inks, achieving up to 190% faster printing speed than conventional models. Six-color configuration printers featuring Light color (Light Cyan and Light Magenta) inks enable delicate color expressions.

In addition, a new color gloss function has been added to harden color inks to a glossy finish, providing a texture and detail different from conventional clear prints and enabling new and different expressions. The “MFD2 (Mimaki Fine Diffusion 2)*2” process, which controls the position of the dots, has been added to improve image quality, and a new 1800 dpi*3 printing mode has been added to enables users to experience high-definition quality with less graininess and color irregularities.

As with our current models, the printer is compatible with Mimaki's original MDL commands, which allow the printer to be controlled from the customer's production system or peripheral equipment. "By using MDL commands, it is possible to obtain information such as the remaining ink level and error information of the printer, as well as to control printer operations such as the position and height of the table on which the print media (workpiece) is set and the start of printing, thereby realizing automation of workpiece transport.

As an additional feature, the UJF-7151 plusII has a new table load capacity of 30 kg, up from 10 kg on the current model, which allows it to accommodate heavy metal jigs and other equipment, making it ideal for industrial printing that requires more precise positioning and for printing on heavy media.

Options include a full cover to protect the printing board from dust, and a deodorizing unit to efficiently remove odors.

UJF-7151 plus II is available with selectable ink types suitable for use, allowing direct printing on a variety of media including acrylic and other resins, glass, metal, and even leather. It can be used to decorate nameplates for home appliances and industrial products, various parts that require high definition, information boards, indoor molded signs, leather for belts and bags, and various other custom-made goods. The UV curable ink*4 house-developed for the UJF-7151 plusII has acquired GREENGUARD Gold certification, which indicates that the ink meets the standards for chemical substance emission specified by UL, a U.S. third-party safety science organization, and is safe for the environment.

Mimaki was among the first companies to develop and market UV inkjet printers and we have always been a market leader in this field. UV inkjet printers use UV irradiation to cure ink, does not require the preparation of plates like screen printing, thus reducing the time and cost of plate preparation. It is also easy to change the color and size if data is available. With these features, UV inkjet printers are attracting more and more attention as the best solution for small-lot, high-mix, on-demand printing, including decorative businesses.

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. with its management vision of “Newness and Difference,” will continue to pursue new technological innovations to achieve the “beauty and speed” that our customers demand.

*1 Mimaki original command that enables production systems and peripheral devices to control our printers.
*2 Half toning process
*3 Only when 6 colors are selected
*4 LH-100, LUS-120


  • High productivity and high image quality are realized by installing 8 heads, 2 more than the current model.

  • The new "Color Gloss" function achieves a unique expression with a glossy feel.

  • Realizes high-definition printing at 1800 dpi.

  • Supports "MDL (Mimaki Device Language) commands" to automate the printing process.

  • Equipped with reliable Mimaki technology

  • Supports numbering and variable data insertion printing with "RasterLink7".

New Feature

1. New feature -- “Color Gloss” functionality

The new “Color Gloss” functionality hardens color inks to a glossy finish, achieving textures and details demarcating from conventional glossy finish obtained using clear ink. By selecting “Color Gloss” printing from the standard attachment “RasterLink7” software, the ink is cured to a unique glossy tone by proprietary UV irradiation conditions.

Without “Color Gloss” function -> With “Color Gloss” function

2. High-definition printing with improved ink landing performance

Strengthened structure of the printer body reduces shaking during printing, allowing ink droplets ejected from the print head to land in more precise positions. This provides for sharp edges and fine lines, and less color irregularities in solid printing.

<UJF-7151 plus II 1800 dpi accuracy >    

Ink droplet placement performance is improved, which minimizes placement errors.

3. Connected digital printing

Mimaki offers command sets to enable customer production systems and peripheral devices to control our printers. Through applying these commands, the position and height of the media setting table, the start of printing, and other printer operations can be controlled. It also allows for the acquisition of remaining ink level and error information from the printer. Regarding the MDL (Mimaki Device Language) command, customers are able to build systems optimized to their individual applications by developing the necessary software using technical information (SDK) provided from Mimaki.

Former Production Lines -> Connected Digital Printing


ItemUJF-7151 plusII
Print headOn-demand piezo head
Printing resolution1800 dpi maximum
Maximum drawing range710mm x 510mm (28 inch x 20 inch)
InkType/colorLH-100 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, Cl)
MUH-100-Si (Si)
LUS-120 (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, Cl)
LUS-350 (C, M, Y, K, W, Cl)
PR-200 (Primer)
Capacity200ml bottle (MUH-100-Si)
250ml bottle (LH-100, LUS-120, PR-200)
1L bottle (LH-100, LUS-120, LUS-350, PR-200)
Workpiece thickness153 mm (6 inch) or less
Workpiece weight30 kg or less
Safety StandardVCCI class A, FCC class A, ETL UL 62368-1
CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS),
InterfaceUSB 2.0 / Ethernet
Power specificationsSingle phase AC100-240V +6%/-10% 50/60Hz ± 1Hz
Power consumption1.3 kW
Operating environmentOperating temperature range: 15 to 30 degC
Operating humidity range: 35 to 65% Rh (without condensation)
Accuracy-assured temperature range: 20 to 25 degC
RIP SoftwareRasterLink7 (provided as standard software)
Dimensions (W × D × H)2,203 ×1,580 ×1,293mm / 87 × 62 × 51 inch
Weight330 kg / 728 lb (including dedicated base)

Note: Specifications, designs and dimensions stated in this list may be subject to change without notice due to technical improvement etc.

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